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Welcome to Biolife Science

Biolife is a biopharmaceutical company focussed on immunotherapy in oncology, with a lead product targeting gastric cancer and breast cancer, in addition to other indications including melanoma and breast cancer. Based in Sydney Australia, the company is preparing to commence Phase 2 Clinical Trials in Gastric Cancer in 2013.

The mission of Biolife Science is to develop new therapies for gastric cancer using novel immunological approaches. Our aim is to improve the lives of our patients through the clinical development of our drugs and by responsible and ethical behavior. Patient benefit is our priority.

Gastro Cancer Facts

  • Gastric cancer is a common disease with a high death rate
  • 4th most commonly diagnosed cancer
  • 2nd most common cancer in men and 3rd most common in women
  • Treatment of gastric cancer is: surgery; chemotherapy & radiation
  • Surgery is the mainstay of curative treatment
  • The outlook for advanced gastric cancer is poor with a median survival of only 7-10 months
  • Approximately 12-25% of gastric cancer patients are Her-2 positive
  • The anti Her-2 drug, Herceptin, is now approved for gastric cancer & is given in combination with standard chemo
  • This combination has helped patients to live about 2.7 months longer than patients who received chemo alone

Robust Intellectual Property Portfolio
100% Owned - 2 patent families: peptides and multi-epitope vaccine